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My Writing

One thing common among writers is that if you ask them why they write, they will invariably tell you they just have to. Something compels them inside. I've been a writer in this regard since I became literate as a child. I loved to read, falling in love with adventure stories like The Black Stallion and The Chronicles of Narnia. But the book that I can first remember thinking this is real literature  was For Whom The Bell Tolls, which I found in the library in 6th grade. I would draw comics for my friends, poems for the girls I had crushes on, essays about things I was feeling and experiencing. I loved the power in words to relieve stress or feel attraction or drive us to action. As I got older, I learned to play the guitar and wrote songs to play in coffeehouse gigs. Then I began writing stories in earnest.

My first sloppy attempts were disappointing, but the writing got better as I kept at it, eventually leading to my first book, a novella at best, entitled Corky Bear's Life as an Outsider. It was a journal of an Alaskan Grizzly Bear who moved to Seattle and struggled to fit in with human culture. From disastrous dates to unemployment struggles, to bar fights alongside his best friend Joe from the lumber mill, the story follows Corky's journey from an outsider to connection. Jonas Fogg was my next book, a story of a misanthrope and self-described "utter failure" struggling to accept changes in his life who discovers himself, friendship, and love on his journey. In fact, my stories tend to be about journeys because that's how I see life - a wonderful adventure through the good and bad.

Like Stephen King, I also have a Corgi who is often at my feet when I write. In fact, she is at my feet as I type this. I have three wonderful daughters, who are all terrific artists and writers themselves. And when I'm not writing or working or supporting my kids at their activities, I can be found painting giant canvases and volunteering with a local non-profit soccer club.

I hope you enjoy my writings. I'm not offended if you don't, but I thank you for checking me out and taking a look. And as for all you writers out there, keep writing, even if no one's reading you yet. We're in this together.