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AC Collins is an author and entrepreneur living in Issaquah, Washington. A lover of wit and words, telling stories is his passion. His books “Jonas Fogg” “The Juno Wars: Barbaricus” and “Corky Bear’s Life as an Outsider” are available on Amazon in both paperback and kindle formats. 

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The Juno Wars: Barbaricus

Charlie Doyle is a tender-footed, risk-averse academic whose quiet life in the Seattle suburbs is destroyed by an invasion by an unknown alien enemy. Each passing day and increasingly dangerous encounters with hostile invaders and desperate survivors confirm to Charlie that there is no savior in sight. Forced to abandon his reclusive life in search of safety eastward over the mountains, Charlie risks everything to embark on a treacherous journey of a thousand miles through the fallout of a newly dystopian world to find the one person who could save them all and put an end to the war. 

Jonas Fogg

Jonas Fogg is a writer. A misanthrope and self-described “utter failure,” he’s resigned to his stagnant though comfortably predictable life writing in his notebooks and working at a newsstand in Central Park. A fantastic cup of house blend drip coffee and a chance encounter with a clairvoyant bum throw Jonas’s life into chaos, confronting him with changes he’d been hiding from for years. On his journey Jonas rediscovers himself, love, friendship and the difference between living and a life well-lived.

Corky Bear’s Life as an Outsider

What do you get when an Alaskan Grizzly Bear named Corky tries to make a normal life among humans in Seattle? Unemployment, failed relationships, therapy and the occasional pint of Guinness. Follow the missteps and misadventures of life as an outsider through the adult eyes of a bear trying to make his way in a cold world. Anthropomorphism hasn’t been this fun since Chewbacca.

Funeral Blues

Personal essay about lessons learned while working my high school job at a funeral home in rural Michigan. Published in the Spring 2020, Issue 2 of The Moving Force Journal!

The Old Collins House

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